Hair Replacement

Hair solutions for hair loss and baldness are designed to your needs. Combining experience, skill, and artistry: At New Image center we have mastered all steps of nonsurgical hair merging and replacement system in order to replace the hair exactly as it was on your head before you lost your hair.

Hair Replacement

In the New Image center we have created with our experts, and for the first time in the middle east, the latest hair replacement system for both men and women with scalp 100% identical to the real scalp. This hair replacement system is virtually undetectable to both sight and touch because we use a measurement system of the scalp pores and skin tone that are identical to the pores and color of the natural scalp and we use the best kinds of natural human hair available this technique allows access of water, air and sun’s rays into and out of the scalp, which in turn enable cleanliness of scalp and allows it to breathe normally. You can wash your hair and bathe every day.

Hair Replacement Nonsurgical For Men And Women

For those who appreciate the beauty and would always like to feel special, New Image presents a variety of healthy, natural, and non-surgical hair solutions provided by a team of professionals and hair specialists with more than ten years of experience in this domain for genders, men and women.

Without the fear that the surgical choice has on you and away from the damage that chemicals can do to your hair as well as to your pocket, here in New Image you will end up with the exact fantastic result you desire and without any side effects.

Our talented and creative team of specialists designs your specific need for hair replacement, based on the sample taken from your own natural hair to match the color, thickness, and length. They then attach it to the client's head to blend in with his existing hair while taking into consideration each client’s lifestyle, age, and position. The result is always being perfect.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in UAE