Keratin is an extremely strong protein that is a major component in skin, hair, nails, hooves, horns, and teeth. Most of the keratin that people interact with is actually dead, hair, skin, and nails are all formed from dead cells which the body sheds as new cells push up from underneath.


If the dead cells are kept in good condition, they will serve as an insulating layer to protect the delicate new keratin below them.


The reasons for the lack of keratin in hair can be attributed to the heat and UV rays from the sun and from some substances present in water such as salt and chlorine. These are natural factors that we are exposed to in our daily life. However, the unnatural factors that cause keratin deficiency are the chemical ones dyes, highlights, perming, and straightening of hair. This results in dull, tangled, brittle, and dry hair.

What Is Keratin?

New Image Center team provides hair keratin treatment in Dubai to deal with the problems of curly, brittle, and damaged hair caused by misuse of dyes, highlighting of hair, or by chemical straightening cream (typical ones).

Causes Of Keratin Deficiency In Hair:

How The Treatment Of Keratin Works? 

Keratin is a treatment for extremely damaged and dry hair that failed all attempts to be repaired and is not a hair straightening cream only. The structure of keratin addresses the hair from inside to outside and feeds the hair with protein that the hair lacks, the small molecule of keratin treatment enters the hair crust to deal with the internal damage and correct its quality and improve it from the inside. Also, it wraps the hair from the outside to protect it from the previous factors mentioned enveloping the hair with 80% of natural substances and modifying the level of protein.


Thus, avoiding any possible damage to the hair in the future, protecting it from external influences, and restoring his health and youthfulness. We also offer keratin treatment for men's hair in Dubai, men with damaged hair can be helped by us.

Flexibility Is The Most Amazing Qualities Of Keratin:

Keratin works with its flexibility in correcting damage of hair to give it a smooth and silky appearance also helps it to get rid of severe embrittlement and makes it smooth and silky and enhance the natural Shin of the hair to show a healthy appearance.

Keratin Straightening Hair Treatment:

Keratin treatment doesn’t include strong chemicals to open or close the pores of the hair to be straitened, it covers the hair and does not break the root as the typical hair straightening products do, where it works to extend the sulfur bridges laterally within the hair in a therapeutic because of the similarity of the composition of keratin substance to that of natural hair.

Benefits Of Keratin Treatment:

Keratin is a natural remedy and not a chemical.

Keratin treatment doesn’t cause hair loss because it reaches the hair roots, therefore, doesn’t tire hair follicles.

Special treatment for those who want to enjoy their natural wavy and curly hair without straightening it:

It maintains order and defines the hair curls to give these curls natural shine and a healthy appearance more attractive. It reduces waves and extremely large hair and restores moisture to it. Enjoy professional styling yourself every day without any trouble.

The New Keratin Treatment Is: